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Copolímero de acrilonitrila butadieno (NBR)

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Copolímero de acrilonitrila butadieno (NBR)

Kramod N is the Registred trade mark of NordKra Nitrite Butadiene Rubber. thermoplastic modification, base polymers in rubber solutions, components in solvent based adhesives, components in dry-mixed composites. NBR polymers (acrylonitrile content between 28% and 40%) are the best non extractable plasticizers, converting rigid polyvinyl chloride to soft polyvinyl chloride. Long term conservation of the flexibility even under demanding conditions very low plasticizer migration to other parts that are in direct contact, good dimension stability under conditions of swelling in mineral oils and fuels, improved permanent set, better ageing resistance in high temperature service “Rubber-like” haptics.The selection levels are: Kramod NP 3344 and Kramod NP 3374、for extrusion and calendering: Kramod NPXL 3351.

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